Recently, we have been involved in teaching a Circular Economy Business Model course (mixed bachelors and masters) at the New Design University in St. Pölten as well having masters students at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna develop circular supply chains tied to specific raw materials.

Currently, we are getting ready to be involved in the InnoDays Circular Economy Hackathon between the 13.-15.05.2020


Minimalism – Tell Your Story

How come this overabundance makes us so sick?

Here’s the chance to share your story with the world!


  1. MP3
  2. 5 minutes
  3. Send it to story at by the 15th March

The top 6 will be broadcast live on Radio Tipping Point, Radio Orange 94.0. on the 24th March, and the remaining qualifying will be put together as a special podcast to be released at the end of March

What is stopping you? Tell your story today!!